Gyllensvaans Möbler is a family business located in Kättilstorp outside Falköping. Nils Gyllensvaan founded the company in 1946 and we delivered our first furniture to IKEA in 1952. Currently, we employ about 250 people and our annual sales amount to approximately 1,3 bn SEK. Most of the production consists of bookshelves, mainly IKEAs world famous "BILLY". We produce about 170.000 pieces of furniture each week.

The subsidiary Ecolor, is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The company has 650 employees and produces furniture for export, mainly to IKEA warehouses and stores around the world.

If you would like to know more about our factory you can watch a movie about us here.

Our Mission statement

With modern technology and high environmental standards produce and sell furniture with the right quality at a low cost for the customer.

The Factory

The factory is situated in the outskirts of Kättilstorp, between Jönköping and Falköping. We have been here since 1954 and have grown in several stages. Our latest extension covering 8000 m2 was in built in the fall of 2006, housing our latest packaging line and our new goods reception. The size of the factory today is 80 000 m2 (215 000 sq ft).

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